Corfu Series

One minute, I thought I had it all figured out and mostly under control.

Then suddenly, there was no more ground beneath my feet.

For the first time in my life, I encountered the space of “I don’t know”.

It took me a few lonely winters to digest and several years to come to feel at ease and finally embrace it.


I had to befriend silence, solitude, myself.


Luckily enough, I landed on the Greek island of Corfu, a place I call the land of the plenty, with a strong sense of community. This body of work is inspired by my everyday walks in nature, the way the Mediterranean light and winds catch the leaves of ancient olive trees, the magnificent sunsets, and most of all the endless adventure of the great unknown.

Corfu 1
Corfu 2
Corfu 3
Corfu 4 – Arillas Series
Corfu 4 – Arillas 1
Corfu 4 – Arillas 2
Corfu 4 – Arillas 3
Corfu 4 – Arillas 4
Corfu 4 – Arillas 5
Corfu 4 – Arillas 6