Corfu 3, 45 x45, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2017

Metamorphosis in all of its guises is a subject that fills me with awe. Through my constant attempts to understand the nature of what surrounds me and the nature that is within, I find myself rediscovering life at every given moment. This state of discovering serves as my guiding force. My inspiration is ignited by unlimited triggers – a found object, a captured image, every life experience becomes a seed. And after observing “what is”, the process begins...
Chantal Maltais Oei


Chantal Maltais Oei uses found objects, photography, and mixed media sculptural components as a means of integrating nature into her work. She studies life; she observes, internalizes and documents, weaving experiential elements through her artwork. Creating a shrine for her crystalized experiences, she passionately erects environments for the objects she makes, transforming them, and offering them a new life.

Currently, the artist resides in both California, USA and Corfu, Greece.